Scale Up of REAL Fathers Initiative in Northern Uganda and Karamoja Region

The co-occurrence of intimate partner violence (IPV) and violent discipline of children (or violence against children, VAC) is widely documented 1, 2, 3 , yet there is little research on effective, scalable strategies for sustained household violence prevention. Fatherhood programs can be an effective entryway to break this intergenerational cycle of violence by promoting positive gender norms, build parenting skills, and prevent harsh discipline and IPV. 4, 5 The REAL Fathers Initiative, a violence prevention initiative working with young fathers, was successfully tested through integration with early childhood development (ECD) programs and livelihood programs in Northern Uganda and Karamoja. The program builds on traditional structures of mentoring and advising to build skills, solve problems and establish positive behaviors. This project will scale up REAL Fathers in Northern Uganda and Karamoja through integration into ECD programs and document learning from scale up. Expansion of this effective VAC prevention program to more families, along with careful documentation of scale-up progress and lessons learned has the potential to significantly reduce violence and improve parenting practices while also contributing to the scale-up evidence base and, increasing global understanding of pathways to the elimination of VAC.

Supported By: Oak Foundation

Project Contact: Jasmine Uysal, Research Project Coordinator, juysal@health.ucsd.edu

Related Project: REAL Fathers Initiative

Implementation Resources:

REAL Fathers:

  1. REAL Fathers Initiative Implementation Guidelines for Adaptation and Use
  2. REAL Fathers Initiative Mentor Training Curriculum
  3. REAL Fathers Initiative Mentor Resource Sheets
  4. REAL Fathers Initiative Women’s Group Session Guide
  5. Resources for Measuring Social Norms: A Practical Guide for Program Implementers 

REAL Fathers + Early Childhood Development:

  1. Mentor Group Discussion Guide for Less Literate Mentors
  2. Mentor Home Visit and Group Meeting Protocol
  3. Mentor Training Manual
  4. Mentor Resource Sheets
  5. Teaching Aides to Support Early Childhood Development

Scale Up and Advocacy:

  1. REAL Fathers Scale Up Strategy
  2. Scaling REAL Fathers: Brief Results — Volume 1
  3. Lessons from REAL Fathers Advocacy: Brief Results — Volume 2
  4. REAL Fathers Scale Up Potential: Brief Results — Volume 3
  5. Adopting a Multicultural Approach to Scale Up: REAL Fathers in Uganda


Relevant Citations: 

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