CalVEX Study: California Violence Experiences Survey (CalVEX)

Violence remains at epidemic proportions in the U.S., including gender-based violence [partner violence, sexual harassment and assault, exploitation], community violence and policing, and firearm-related violence. We are partnering with key experts and stakeholders from the fields of safety, health and wellness across the state of California and nationally to undertake state-wide surveillance of violence across the lifespan, and use of research and surveillance to guide prevention programming for the state. Guidance for novel prevention programming efforts include work with sport systems, health systems, and schools. Efforts to date have led to studies on:

  • Prevalence of Sexual Harassment and Assault in California
  • Engaging with Sport to Prevent Sexual Violence
  • Systematic Review of the Literature on Sexual Violence in the US
  • State-wide Assessment of Violence Across the Lifespan in California
  • Asian Californians Policy Brief

Supported By: Blue Shield of California Foundation , Kaiser Permanente

Project Contact: Nicole Johns, nejohns@health.ucsd.edu

2023 CalVEX Research Publications:

  1. CalVEX 2023: Supporting Immigrants and Refugees in California Means Focusing on Risk for Domestic Violence
  2. CalVEX 2023: Firearms in California: Statewide Experiences and Beliefs
  3. 2023 Asian Californian CalVEX Policy Brief
  4. 2023 Asian Californian CalVEX Summary Brief
  5. 2023 Asian CalVEX Intimate Partner Violence Findings Brief

2022 CalVEX Research Publications:

  1. CalVEX 2022: Findings From the March 2022 Survey California Violence Experiences Survey
  2. CalVEX 2022: Summary Brief
  3. CalVEX 2022: Past-year Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Perpetration in California
  4. CalVEX 2022: Past-year Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Perpetration in California
  5. Gender Differences in Experiences of Violence, Exposure to Firearms, and Discrimination among Asian Californians: What the data do and do not tell us

2021 CalVEX Research Publications:

  1. CalVEX 2021: Past-year Suicidality in California
  2. CalVEX 2021: Topline Findings: Californians Experiences of Violence during Pandemic 2021

2020 CalVEX Research Publications:

  1. CalVEX 2020 Report
  2. CalVEX 2020: Sexual Violence and Intimate Partner Violence among those Experiencing Homelessness in California
  3. CalVEX 2020: Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence: Mental Health Needs During the COVID- 19 Crisis
  4. CalVEX 2020: Police Violence and Mental Health in California
  5. CalVEX 2020: Intimate Partner Violence in California
  6. CalVEX 2020: Firearm Exposure in California 

Key Personnel:

Anita Raj, Principal Investigator, UCSD
Jennifer Yore, Senior Research Program Manager, UCSD
Nicole Johns, Research Analyst, UCSD
Jakana Thomas, Co-Investigator, UCSD

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