Assessing the environment for violence prevention at UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara

This multi-campus initiative aims to conduct activities critical to effectively preventing and responding to sexual assault and dating violence at the UC. The project aims to begin an exploration of the campus climate across California regarding sexual assault, harassment and other forms of sexual and dating violence. Specific aims include the following: AIM 1. Assess undergraduate and graduate students’ perceptions of the campus environment related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking and dating violence. AIM 2. Assess undergraduate students’ perceptions of sexual consent, to refine campus climate survey scales. AIM 3. Explore how institutional and community arrangements influence students’ lives and experiences. Findings from this project will be useful for informing how campus prevention, intervention, education and response efforts can be tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals in each community. We also hope these findings will lay the groundwork for subsequent, representative quantitative research at each campus. Comprehensive assessment is recommended for developing effective prevention programs and action plans to improve campus response to sexual assault. To create campus environments intolerant of violence, schools should evaluate themselves to identify gaps in prevention efforts, policies and sexual and relationship violence services. Climate surveys are the recommended tool for assessing prevalence and determinants of sexual and relationship violence on campuses; and examining the extent to which students report awareness of assault and use of resources. Findings from this qualitative and participatory assessment will formatively guide our campus’ plans for scientifically rigorous climate survey research protocols to (1) fully adapt programs so students receive needed services; (2) identify and mitigate barriers to service access and use; and (3) design and evaluate programs.

Funded By: CDC, California Department of Public Health

Project Contact: Meghan Yap, msyap@ucsd.edu

Principal Investigator

California, USA


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